Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let Me In

Let Me In
Callie Croix
Publisher: Carina Press
ASIN: B007BBV884
87 pages
Available on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.

Finally. A Hot Romance Novel that knows that we want as much headboard rockin' as possible, not all that silly plot nonsense.

Not that there isn't a plot here. There is. But Callie Croix realizes that we want to get between the sheets more than we want to know about Talia's mother and her hoarding or Talia's inability to commit. In fact, the plot is resolved tidily and with minimal stress, even if we are left with a slight twinge of blue nether regions because the final love scene is not completed, as it were.

Talia is in the military and returns "home" for a brief leave around Thanksgiving. She is greeted by her best friend, Angie, and Angie's hot brother, Liam, for whom Talia feels tremendous attraction. It's reciprocated; Liam can't wait to rip off Talia's uniform and perform a reconnaissance (GET IT?) tour of her body. But Talia resists, which isn't all bad for Liam, because he is a Dominant and likes his women to put up a fight.

Only we don't get any scenes of true domination, which is a shame. And which leads to the aforementioned blue nether regions.

But Liam and Roxana do engage in some headboard rockin':

The startling hunger in her set him on fire. Groaning, he slid his hand around her back to release the clasp then helped her shrug out of the bra. He skimmed his lips over her cheeks, her jaw. The robe slipped off her shoulders, baring her to his gaze. Pale golden skin and dusky brown nipples beckoned, making his mouth water at the thought of tasting her.

Hot, right? It makes you wonder what Callie Croix could have done if she'd given us some of Liam's Dominant side. There is a prequel of sorts to this book, No Holds Barred, which relates a threesome Liam had with his best friend and the best friend's fiancee. Maybe there is some bondage in that?

I'm ASKING for bondage? Oh, Christian Grey. What have you done to me.

So, yeah. This is a fast, hot read. But it's a tease.

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