Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brook Street: Thief

As part of the Brook Street trilogy, Thief concludes the story of gay men finding love and romance in early nineteenth century England. They also find some pretty hot headboard rocking.

Lord Benjamin Parker suspects he might prefer the company of men, but that's all it is - suspicion. He has never acted on his urges, mostly because he's never ventured beyond his social realm. But at twenty-five, he realizes that his friends and his five siblings will start to urge him toward matrimony, and he wants to know, beyond a doubt, if he can marry a woman.

He heads to a club he believes is frequented by homosexuals, and while at a gambling table, he meets Cavin Fox. The two wind up in a seedy hotel, and Benjamin has his answer. Women will not do.

"Why be unhappy when I could be happy?" It seemed rather silly now to have waited so long, but if he'd have acted on his desires years ago, he highly doubted he would have met Cavin. "I realized there was no point in fighting with myself. If I preferred men, so be it. ... Not every gentleman takes a wife, and I certainly don't want to now. That would be cruel, condemning some poor woman to a husband who can't feel true attraction toward her. It's the reason why I wanetd to find out the truth about myself now."
Ben wants more than one night with Cavin. Unfortunately, Cavin, a pickpocket and occasional paid consort who works for an evil pimp (for reals), fears that Ben can't possibly want to be with him if he knows how Cavin plies his trade, so to speak.Yet the two are drawn together, and through various quirks of fate and coincidence, continue to rock the headboard (and the floor).

Brook Street: Thief is a breezy, hot read, if you're into m/m lovin'. Ava March writes hot sex scenes, and she draws Benjamin and Cavin with great care and affection. There isn't much plot to be found here; what there is tends to be a bridge between the rocking of headboards. And that's just fine.

Published by Carina Press and available on Amazon.com.
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview. 

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