Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

The fine folks at Under the Covers host a weekly meme all about the stuff we don't want you to know. 

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This week's question: 
With the upcoming release of MAGIC MIKE where some of the hottest guys strip nekkid and shake their ummmm assets, we want to know YOUR fantasy cast! 

If you could choose six of the hottest stars to shake their moneymakers for you, which guys would it be? 

Six hot guys? Well, then. 

We shall begin with my Spiritual Fiancé, Bruce Springsteen. Minus that awful soul patch, which I do not like. Bruce, my darling, my pretend boyfriend since I was fourteen. Please shave that thing off your chin. Or better yet, let me do it. He is 62-years-old and can "perform" for nearly four hours. All that intense focus he normally puts on the guitar and the audience placed squarely on YOU and making YOU happy. Girls. Need I say more?

Next on the docket is Clive Owen, who looks all sweary and forceful - in a good way. And those eyes. Oh, Clive Owen. CLIVE OWEN. You are delicious.

Number three: Michael Fassbender. And I haven't even seen the movie where he reveals his naughty bits. I mean Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester. Like Clive Owen, he's another Brit who appears very sweary and forceful - as if he'd grab you by the hair, throw you on the bed, and make you scream for more.

Number four: Alex O'Loughlin. The Moonlight Alex O'Loughlin, with the shaggy hair, not the Hawaii 5-0 Alex O'Loughlin with the short hair. Longer hair, please. The sort you can grab onto, if you know what I mean.

Number five: Riggins. I mean, Taylor Kitsch. Again, Taylor with the longer, Riggins-esque hair. And slightly sweaty. And not wearing a shirt.

And last, but certainly not least, Brendan Shanahan. For those of you who follow hockey, Brendan played on the Detroit Red Wings - a team I do not love, by the way - and won a few Stanley Cups with them. He works for the NHL now and enforces discipline. Maybe I've read too much Fifty Shades stuff lately, but enforcing discipline? Please, Brendan Shanahan. PLEASE. 

So there you go. Six I'd love to see buck nekkid and ready to go. And by "ready," I think you all know what I'm talking about. If you don't, bless your heart.


  1. WOW--great six!! I almost put Taylor on my list....almost. And funny thing---I've just finished a series of books about hockey players, (Rachel Gibson's Chinook series, BTW) and now have a strange interest to surf the internet for hockey players, lol.

    1. Hockey players have great thighs and butts. Trust.

      What did you think of the Chinook series? I haven't read any - yet - but I have a weakness for hockey players.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I appreciate it.


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