Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Armchair BEA: Best of 2012

Today's Armchair BEA question:

Share some of your favorite books so far this year, and/or the the books being promoted at BEA that you hope will end up among your favorites for the year!

Well ...

I'll start with The Replacement Wife, whose praises I have sung until I am hoarse. Faithful readers, this book is that good. I promise you. Please, please read it.

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I just finished Code Name Verity, and loved that one, too. It's great for teens on up, and it isn't often you can find a book that both you and your hormonal teenagers can read together.

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And oh, my goodness, Afterwards. Holy cannoli. READ IT. NOW. I am not kidding you. I will flog you with fly paper if you do not read it.

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Lastly, we're going to go erotica. Yes, I read the Fifty Shades, all three of them. And, yes, they're hot. But they are so poorly written. Like I said, literary crack: you know they're bad, but you can't stop. An erotica book that I liked more was Bared to You. It's H-O-T, and while it won't win a Pulitzer, I daresay that it's hotter than any of the fifty shades.

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What about you? What books have you liked so far this year?

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