Thursday, June 14, 2012

Against the Sun

Against the Sun
Kat Martin
Publisher: Mira
400 pages
ISN:  0778313506
Available on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.

I think I need to quit reading romance novels, because the men in these books are just too much.

TOO MUCH, people.

In this case, we have Jake Cantrell (seriously ... the name alone, right?), an ex Marine now working in a sort of private investigations/protection capacity. He is all man. Tall, big (yes, BIG in exactly That Way). Growly and manly and virile. And HOT.

He has been assigned to protect Sage Dumont (is it wrong that every time I saw her name, I pictured a Thanksgiving turkey, with its crisp skin covered in butter, salt and sage? Kat Martin probably didn't intend for that to be the thought going through me head), who is trying to broker a oil platform and pipe deal with a wealthy Saudi family. Jake and Sage's fellow Houstonians do not embrace this idea, whether for environmental or ethnic reasons - fears of terrorism and whatnot. But Sage is determined, because if she makes the deal, her grandfather might appoint her president of the company.

There are some twists and turns in the plot, many of them involving the Saudi Sheikh's family, not to mention the fiancé that Sage needs to jettison before she and Jake can rock the headboard.

Before you can say, "Take your clothes off," the aforementioned fiancé is a mere memory, and Jake and Sage are coupling with a fervor. When she gets a look at his, um, appendage, Sage does experience a moment of apprehension, to which Jake says, "I'm a big man, Sage."

See? I told you he was big. and he promises her that she will make room for Daddy, as it were. During their first romp, she begs him several times to not stop, and he complies. Boy, does he COMPLY.

Kat Martin can write some steamin' hot sex scenes, never you fear that.

She gasped as he hauled her up and lifted her into his arms, carried her over and settled her on the bed. Jake followed her down and began to feast on her breasts. She thought he would take her, but instead he lifted her, set her astride him, let her sink slowly down until he filled her completely.
 "Your turn," he said, and her eyes closed as pleasure washed through her. For a moment she just sat there, absorbing the feel of him inside her, the way they fit so perfectly together, the thrum of her heart and delicious sensations.
In other words, Jake was right. He fits her JUST FINE.

In terms of plot, the story is fast-paced and packed with action - and I don't just mean rocking the headboard action. It's a fun read, perfect for the beach, especially if you have someone handy to help you with the hotness, as it were.

Against the Sun is part of the Raines of Wind Canyon series, but you do not have to read the prior books to understand this one. Curiosity might drive you to it, though, just to see if the other heroes are half as masterful as Jake is.


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