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Come Alive (The CItyscape Series) (Volume 2)

Come Undone (The Cityscape Series) (Volume 2)
by Jessica Hawkins
Published by Kinshaw Press
270 pages
Genre: erotica, romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

Olivia Germaine thought she made the right decision. She abandoned David Dylan - hot, gorgeous, sexually satisfying, mesmerizing, successful, wealthy, and HOT (it bears repeating, trust me) David Dylan - for her reliable, staid, and even keeled husband Bill.

But Olivia, darling. Surely you realize you can't do that, right?

We first met Olivia, David, and Bill in Come Undone, the first of what appears to be (yet another) trilogy. Olivia and David's coupling was feral and passionate, and she quickly realized she cannot bear to be apart from him. But Olivia has Issues, largely relating to her parents, and she could not forsake her marriage vows. So she left David and tried to make the most of her passionless marriage.

Not so fast. And thank goodness for that.

In Part 2, Olivia and David continue their push and pull. They want each other, but Olivia cannot bear the thought of breaking her commitment to Bill. What can she do? What will she do? Believe me, you will find out, because she walks you through every step of her thought process. Sometimes to a fault. Sometimes repetitively. Sometimes maddeningly. The good thing is, though, when she and David are together, BAM. They are together.

For those of us who wonder what on earth David sees in Olivia, you do get an answer. She asks him for us, bless her. It seems that she's as baffled as we are. It isn't that Olivia fails in some way; she's actually pretty interesting. She has flaws, she admits to David that she struggles with the "blackness" in her soul, and her conflicts over her marriage are somewhat admirable.

Poor Bill, though. He seems like a decent chap, although you know that at some point he will need to be demonized to a certain degree. If he stays decent and loving, Olivia will look like a monster for dumping him. If we want her with David, we need to justify her choice. To do that, Bill needs to be less than honorable. Fortunately, his negatives are revealed in a believable way.

Because it's Part 2, you know there will be a Part 3. That's just the way these things go, apparently. I wish I could say to Jessica Hawkins, though, that she can stop now and everything will be fine. The ending works, and it works well. We don't need a whole lot of closure. We have enough. Don't give in to publisher demands for a third one, Jessica. Trilogies are predictable and almost nonsensical. In fact, combine your two parts into one. You have a good, entertaining, and super hot book here.

Then again, if we don't have the third one, we must say goodbye to David and his amazing lovemaking skills.

So forget what I said. Give us that third book.

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  1. This one is on my list already, looks very nice :D


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