Sunday, June 16, 2013

Binding Agreement (Just One Night 3)

Binding Agreement: Just One Night Part 3
by Kyra Davis
Published by Pocket Star
Genre: erotica
Thanks to edelweiss for the preview
3.5 / 5

And so another trilogy comes to an end.

Kasie and Robert met in Las Vegas and enjoyed some steamy headboard rockin', despite her having a live-in boyfriend. When she gets back to Los Angeles, she discovers that Robert is a new client of the firm for which she works and he requested her to be his point person. They continue to see each other, Kasie gets engaged and then breaks it off, and she leaves Robert, only to come back.

When this book begins, Kasie and Robert are settling into their romance. While she lost a fiancé, she gained power at work, thanks to Robert. He tells her to adopt a "take no prisoners" attitude and to feel the power course through her. Kasie finds she likes the sensation, even if she is a bit uneasy with it. Needing power - needing to defeat others - is not who she is. Or is it? Has Robert helped her discover something about herself?

When she isn't putting on her alpha female self, she is clawing up the sheets with Robert. Sex is where the two truly connect, where Robert shows her his brand of power. She likes it, and she comes to need and rely on it.

At some point, however, Kasie will need to come to terms with the new her. Is this how she truly wants to live? Is this the person she wants to be?

You spend a LOT of time in Kasie's head in this book. A whooooole lot. She ruminates over everything, to the point of frustration for us readers. There were times when I thought, "Shut up, already, and go rock the headboard with Robert." Yes, she needs to figure things out, but her thinking is so circuitous and repetitious that you start to wonder what on earth Robert sees in her?

We do get to know Robert a little better. We begin to understand why he is the way he is and why he values power to such an extreme. He's gorgeous, powerful, and wealthy, but it isn't until he meets Kasie that he discovers that he doesn't have it all.

I'm glad I read it, if for no other reason than I wanted to know how things would work out for our lovebirds. I just wish we had a little less of Kasie's thoughts and a little more Robert. Preferably naked. Preferable in bed.

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