Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bedding the Wrong Brother

Bedding the Wrong Brother
by Virna DePaul
Published by Create Space
210 pages
Genre: erotica, romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
2 / 5

Well, as premises go for books, I suppose there are worse out there. That isn't quite a glowing endorsement, I know. But seriously? A woman wants to learn how to improve her sexual performance so she asks her friend - the identical twin brother of the man she really loves - to teach her?


Melina has always loved Rhys, not Rhys's twin Max. But after the latest in a string of lovers condemns her lovemaking skills, she asks Max for help. He agrees, but then he implements the old switcheroo. Hence, the wrong brother.

Now that I think about it, the title is the cleverest part of this experience. Is Rhys the wrong brother because Melina intends it to be Max, or is Max the wrong brother because she loves Rhys?

A point to ponder, no doubt.

Okay, back to the book.

Not that I want to return to it.

The sex scenes are hot. There you go. They have just the right amount of detail, just the right amount of action, to be solidly written. Then again, Rhys has had a lot of practice. Granted, it's been loveless practice born of need more than connection. But he knows what he's doing.

As for Rhys and Melina, well, you need to read it to find out what happens between them. Suffice it to say that theirs is not an easy path, and both of them face trust and commitment issues.

Read it for the sex. That's why it was written, after all.

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