Sunday, August 19, 2012

What do you look for in a review?

The fine folks at Reading Romances asked bloggers what we look for in a review.

It seems like an easy question to answer, especially for those of us who write reviews. My blog basically shows you what I like: a decent, spoiler-free synopsis, followed by the reviewer's thoughts about the book. I also need to know why the reviewer feels as he or she does.

If it's a crap book, tell me it's crap. As I've said before, I respect the hell out of writers, and I support them tremendously. But that does not mean that all books are fabulous. Some of them are awful. If it's a great book that you can't live without, then I want to know about it. Books such as The Replacement Wife, On the Island, The Next Best Thing, Gone Girl and Girl Unmoored are amazing, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have read them. One Pink Line, the Jessica Darling series, My One and Only - those are books I rave about to friends. But there are some books that I hope I never think about again, and that's where I want honesty from the reviewer. There have been times that I cross post a review on Amazon or Goodreads and see that other readers gave the books four or five stars, and I'm struggling to give it two. Can our tastes really be that divergent?  OH, Divergent! That's another good one.

Just be honest. You can be truthful without being hurtful. Tell me if the book is worth my while and my money. Don't be mean or vindictive with a negative review, but don't sugarcoat bad books, either.

I love to read. Anything that promotes reading is all right by me. So if reading drivel turns your crank, at least you're reading, right?

Now, go support some of the blogs below. Check them out to see what they look for in a review.


  1. Being truthful without being hurtful. Love that line - wonderfully put!

    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  2. Great to see honesty coming up over and over. That was definitely my main point. Above all, I want to read an honest response to the book.

  3. If it's a crap book I do like how people tell me too. I don't need to be led down the road of maybes as in maybe this book is good and maybe it isn't. The tough thing is not being hurtful or overly mean.
    Hope you check out my post of this blog hop (:

  4. Yes, if I were to pull the best lines from each blog hopper, I agree with The Brunette Librarian that this is your winner: "You can be truthful withuot being hurtful." Nice post, and thanks for sharing your thuoghts.

  5. Being truthful without being hurtful is really the key, isn't it? :-) Great topic and great post. I also like for a blogger to be honest if she didn't like a book, but I generally prefer if she mentions any positives. I like to read the positive and negative points about a book so I can decide for myself.


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