Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eliza's Awakening

Eliza's Awakening
Zaide Bishop
Published by Carina Press
45 pages
Available on
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1 / 5 cupcakes

This little novella tries its best to pack some hot sexy times into its limited pages, and it succeeds. What's missing, however, is a believable plot.

It is the night before the summer solstice, AKA The Longest Night, and Eliza is busy helping Lord and Lady Kempsley prepare for their annual party. Each year, the Kempsleys pride themselves on shocking their guests, and this year will be no different. Eliza nurses a burning yearning for Kell, a sort of guard-slash-footman, and he for her. Alas, Eliza also catches the eye of a randy lord who is a guest at the party, while Kell must fend off the advances of a female guest who wants him to - uh - service her.

Things get interesting when the "shocking" element of the party takes place. Turns out the Kempsleys want a virgin sacrifice, so who better to choose than their servant Eliza. Worse yet, Kell has to hold her down for the sacrifice.

If this sounds a wee bit like a rape, you are not mistaken. It IS a rape, although Zaide Bishop tries to disguise it as a sexual awakening. Eliza likes what is done to her and she she is forced to do, which is just beyond offensive. In fact, the erotic portion of the festivities is completely lost by our shock as readers. Are we really reading what we think we're reading? Does Eliza's sexual response to an assault on her vajayjay mean she is not raped?

Um, no. She's raped.

Look, the sex scenes are hot, if you can get past how manipulative and insulting they are. But honestly, folks, there are much better books out there. Please go read one of those.

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