Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Party of Three

When it comes to reading about threesomes, I prefer two dudes and one girl. I think it's because I don't enjoy reading lesbian sex scenes; they just don't do it for me. So when a book includes a girl-girl-guy menage trois, I have a difficult time getting into it. When it's a girl-girl-boy menage trois with a graphic rape scene? The ick factor kicks in big time for me.

Such is the case with Daire St. Denis' Party of Three, which focuses on Tina, her roommate, Desi, and Desi' boyfriend, Josh. They comprise the title, and they engage in some three-way lovin'. While girls eating each others' lady parts doesn't make me moist, I'm sure it does for some readers, and I've got to say that St. Denis writes some hot sex scenes. Tina, Des and Josh rock that headboard right off its hinges.

But then there is the rape scene. And that, well, turned me off, quite thoroughly.

So the story is that Tina somewhat discovers that Desi and Josh are open to including her in their sexy times, and she's happy to join. But she has a troublesome client, Kenton, whom Des warns her about quite vehemently. But Tina continues to work for him, which winds up getting her in a heap of trouble.

This may be a quick book to read, but it packs a lot of sex action, including some mild bondage. Daire St. Denis certainly can describe a hot kiss:

It was one thing to know how passionate a kiss felt. It was quite another to see it. Josh cupped Desi's face in his strong hands and tilted her head for better access. I liked it. Desi could be so domineering, and it was good to see her controlled, even if it was just a simple kiss. 
I take that back - there was nothing simple about the way Josh kissed her. His tongue teased her lips and the inside of her mouth and, just when she reached for him, seeming to beg for more, he pulled away. She groaned and tried to catch his mouth by turning her head but he kept his distance, licking around her mouth, her cheek, ear, throat. He didn't come back to her lips until he was good and ready and when he finally did, it was full-on. There was nothing gentle about it. Josh owned Desi's mouth.

And away we go. Tina takes a liking to Desi's, um, nether regions, and her feelings are reciprocated. She also takes a liking to Josh, which could have been an interesting area to explore, plot-wise, but St. Denis prefers to keep us in bed or in the shower or in the bathtub. Why delve deeper into Tina's feelings for Josh when we can get her raped?

I didn't like this book a whole lot, as you clearly can tell. But I'll give St. Denis props for writing some good sex scenes. It was ruined with the rape, though. We just didn't need to go there.

Published by Carina Press and available on Amazon.com.
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.

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