Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brook Street: Rogues

Let's just cut to the chase, shall we? I cannot get into lesbian sex scenes. It isn't that I'm a prude - good grief, I loved that crappy Fifty Shades trilogy. I think it's just that I have no interest in it, and I can't make the leap to enjoying reading about it. Just like I'm not a huge fan of paranormal romances. They just don't turn my crank.

But Brook Street: Rogues, by Ava March, is about gay men, and I enjoyed THAT quite a bit.

This is my first strictly dickly romance novel, and I have to say, I found the headboard rockin' to be quite hot. But first, the plot.

Rob and Linus have been friends forever, and now live side-by-side (no pun intended - their homes are next door to each other) in 1822 London. Homosexuality was not in vogue, nor was it condoned. The two men hide the preferences, so much so that Linus believes Rob prefers sex with women. But Rob isn't so sure. He asks Linus to be his exclusive lover, to which Linus responds, "Thank you, but no."

Rob is devastated and confused. As far as he can tell, he and Linus are made for each other.

He'd been with enough women. The mechanics were different, but intimacy was intimacy. He and Linus were damn amazing together. Always had been. No way could Linus be fool enough to believe otherwise. And that wasn't misplaced pride or arrogance on Rob's part. It took two to create the level of heat that burned between them. One kiss was all that was needed, and every line of Linus's body shouted his desire for more. Much more.

This is not a case of opposites attracting; the two have their differences, but they are more alike than not. And, as Rob observes, they are completely simpatico between the sheets, each determined to satisfy the other.

Ava March may not create wildly unforgettable characters - I can't remember their last names, and I'm too lazy to look them up - but the sex scenes. Oh, people. The sex scenes between these two are HOT.

Brook Street: Rogues is a fast read with a negligible plot. It won't make you ponder any of life's great mysteries, nor is there much to analyze, discuss or think about. But it's got some hot sex scenes, and it may open some minds that are closed to gay lovin'.

Published by Carina Press and available on Amazon.com.
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.

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