Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Midnight Remedy

I am a sucker for romance novels.

There, I said it.

While Pride and Prejudice and Les Misérables are my unquestionable two all-time favorites, give me a good romance novel, and I blissfully float on a puffy marshmallow pillow of gooey joy.

So when, thanks to NetGalley, I got my hands on Midnight Remedy, by Eve Gaddy, I rubbed my hands together and read with abandon.

It did not disappoint.

Piper thought she was giving a friend some herbs to use as an ointment, but the friend brewed them as tea. Now, poof! the friend's husband has been cured of infertility, and the friend is pregnant. Dr. Eric Chambers is not thrilled about this, and he first confronts Piper, hoping to find out what kind of herbs she used. This being a Hot Romance Novel, all that friction eventually leads to some serious headboard rockin'. But of course, the path to true lust love never runs smoothly, and Piper and Eric suffer some Issues. Namely, her distaste of all things marriage and publicity. And then there is his hotness, which - well, there is nothing wrong with his hotness.

Here are some lines that particularly jumped out at me:
Oh, Lord, he sounded so sympathetic. "No, it's nothing." She hadn't been thinking of Mrs. Croaker, she'd been thinking about Eric. About kissing him good night. Even before they turned into the driveway, anticipation made her stomach churn. Why in the world was she making a big deal out of a simple good night kiss?
He walked her to the door, but instead of leaving, he simply stood there staring at her. At her mouth. He was going to kiss her. She wanted him to. And she was scared witless of what would happen when he did.
"Good night, Piper. I'll call you."
Will this book win a Pulitzer? No. Will it change your life? No. But is it fun to read? Is the conflict reasonable and interesting? Are the characters inviting? Is the headboard rockin' good? Yes, yes, yes and yessssss.

Go on, now. Read Midnight Remedy. You deserve a break from the drudgery of life.

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