Sunday, March 11, 2012

Irresistible Forces

I've been on a Hot Romance Novel tear of late. I think I need a Harlan Coben mystery or something to break the trend.

I actually read Irresistible Forces, by Brenda Jackson, about a month or so ago. It is nothing if not an extremely Hot Romance Novel.

Taylor Steele (gotta love that name) is a successful professional woman who has decided that her career is not all she wants in her life. She wants a baby. And in typical take-charge fashion, she knows who she wants to father her baby: Dominic Saxon (another great Hot Romance Novel name). Dominic is rich, powerful and gorgeous, and he doesn't appear to need a lot of convincing. Is it that he wants to make a baby with Taylor, or is it that he wants a week of - and I quote - "Hot sex. Heated sex. Never-ending Sex."

Turns out, he's up for both. And when I say, "Up," I think you know what I mean. Wink wink.

Here is a glimpse into Dominic's mind:
He knew what she would bring to the bedroom - that was a given. Sitting across from her, inhaling her scent while visions of all the things they would be doing together on that island ran through his mind was playing havoc with certain body parts. She was fully dressed now, but he could see her naked while he made love to her, day in and day out. She was temptation at its finest and the thought that he wouldn't have to resist temptation for an entire week had his body throbbing.
 Irresistible Forces basically is headboard rocking sex with a little plot thrown in, every now and then. Of course there are obstacles to Taylor and Dominic's True Love (whatever), but when you read this book, you're reading it for the headboard rocking, not the hand wringing. And the sex scenes are good. The rest of it is kind of silly.

Read it for the sex.

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