Sunday, March 11, 2012

Her Dark Protector

What happens when you have a former oxycodone-addicted prosector who needs protection from a hardened widower-turned-member of an underground organization of justice avengers?


Her Dark Protector, by Carol Stephenson, is a tense, page turning read, chock full of bad guy thugs, bad guy thugs masquerading as good guys, two sad back stories, and some good old headboard rockin'.

Gail Malloy is a prosecutor set up, apparently, by a crime lord she has been trying to get arrested for murder. Unbeknownst to her, for six months, Jason Hawke (gotta love that last name, as in "watch you like a ..."), a member of the Justice Alliance, has watched her, determined to protect her from the bad guys. You'll have to read to find out why and what happens next. The story is interesting and will keep you reading, which is what you hope a Hot Romance Novel is.

You also hope for some passion and sex, and Her Dark Protector has both. Jason gets hard within minutes of touching Gail the first time:
"Listen to me." He shifted, bringing their bodies closer so that the tension - or was it excitement? - flowing through him also raced through her.
Or was the almost palpable electricity coming from her? Her adrenaline rush had channeled into a deep, gnawing need.
And she wasn't the only one affected by the physical contact, not if her rescuer's erection was any indication. She held still. 
Hello! He has blood flow the first time he grabs her arm? What will happen when they lock lips? Oh, faithful readers, never you fear. Jason Hawke knows how to please a woman.

I finished this book over the course of two days of sporadic reading. It is a fairly slim tome, but it is fun to read and the sex scenes are appropriately hot. Much like Gail, I wouldn't mind having more.

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