Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Film Student and Me

The Film Student and Me
by Julie Hilden
Published by PocketStar
131 pages
Genre: erotica
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5

If you discovered your husband was having an affair with a younger woman, what would you do?

Such is the premise of this taut, extremely erotic novella. Whereas some women would head straight for divorce court or others would stoically try to ignore the infidelity, Rebecca decides that her forty-year-old and still hot self will find a young thing with whom she can enjoy the sexy times. Turnabout, fair play, etc., etc.

What Rebecca doesn't factor into her decision is (a) choosing someone who might be a bit dangerous, (b) falling for him, and (c) allowing him to take her very, VERY deeply into her dark side.

The affair partner in question is the eponymous film student, twenty-something Jared, whom she meets at a university library. Their relationship gets off to a roaring start when Jared brings her to sexual release while in a coffee shop. From there, the two begin meeting regularly at Jared's apartment, where he introduces her to sexual inhibition and pleasure. They try all sorts of things together, including some spanky panky, a foursome, and some webcam action.

All the while, Rebecca falls deeper and deeper for Jared, and he for her. But what of her marriage? And children? Will she abandon both in the name of great - and it does appear to be GREAT - sex? The fact that Jared is a bit dangerous undoubtedly enhances her attraction to him. Jared loves kink in its many varieties, and Rebecca discovers that she might also like it.

This novella is much darker than I thought it would be. Rebecca's willingness to embrace an unconventional (to say the least) sexual relationship - and the ease with which she does so - seems a bit at odds with the wife and mother she is. And she apparently feels little conflict regarding this. Her husband cheated, so she will too. He apparently is sexually satisfied with his side piece, so she will be as well. Even when one of her daughters notices a change that has come over Mommy, Rebecca tosses it aside. The sexual allure of Jared is too much for her to forsake.

As for Jared, we find out bits and pieces about him, but not enough to give us much insight. He lets us see flickers that explain his inclination toward sexual perversion, but we need more. Even Rebecca is under-explored. She goes from staid wife and mother to wanton adulteress with seemingly little compunction.

The sex scenes scorch. They are explicit and detailed, and they will achieve certain effects on you. It's best to read this book with a vibrator or a man friend close by.

I guess my overall feeling about this novella is that it compels me despite its lack of depth. It makes me wonder what I'd do if I were Rebecca, and I found myself thinking about it after I finished.

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