Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hung Parliament

Hung Parliament
by S. A. Gordon
Published by Momentum
154 pages
Genre: erotic fiction (is there such a thing?)
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

Something I learned from this book: Australian politicians like them some SEX. And lots of it. Preferably with someone other than their spouse or significant other.

Rock on, Australia. You folks take that whole "down under" thing pretty seriously, don't you?

So we have two opposing party leaders having an affair, two high ranking government officials having an affair, a reporter who had an affair with at least two of the aforementioned individuals, and a whole lot of other sex. And, oh yeah, some political intrigue. Those two opposing party leaders are about to run against each other for Prime Minister of the country. Each has been up to some shady dealings, and neither, quite frankly, deserves to win.

So who will? And how?

Interspersed between all the sex is an actual plot entailing political corruption the likes of which we Americans thought we had exclusive rights to. It takes a while, but you do find two reasonably decent politicians; their outcome leads you to believe that true love and politics are not meant to go hand-in-hand. Or naughty bit in naughty bit.

The problem with this book is that its ending is akin to a case of blue balls. There is a frenzy and passion and dirtiness and near evil, and we want a payoff! We want the bad guys to suffer! I mean REALLY SUFFER. If they don't deserve to win, then they shouldn't win, right?

Ah, but then it wouldn't be politics.

If you find yourself frustrated by the end of this salacious little nugget, you aren't alone.

Strange bedfellows indeed.

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