Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just One Night: The Stranger

The Stranger: Just One Night, Part I
by Kyra Davis
136 pages
Published by Pocket Star
Genre: erotica
Thanks to NetGalley and edelweiss for the previews
3.5 / 5

You know what they say, right? What happens in Vegas and all that? Kasie might wish that was the case, but it turns out that what happens in Vegas might just follow you back home.

She's there for a weekend of fun with one of her girlfriends, a friend who urges her to have sex with a stranger. This is largely because Kasie's boyfriend Dave is - let's just say - boring. Predictable, unexciting, unfulfilling. But dependable, solid, and loving, so he has that going for him. Even with her friend's encouragement, Kasie isn't so sure ...

But then she meets Robert. They share a drink at the bar, and before you can say, "Check, please!" they are in his swanky hotel suite, rocking that headboard with all the fierceness of a chorus line of Vegas show girls. When Kasie leaves, she believes she has said goodbye to Robert.

Ah, but not quite. It turns out that a tasty of Kasie was enough to intrigue Robert, and he wants more. It also turns out that they live in the same city.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Kyra Davis knows how to weave an entertaining - albeit brief - tale. This is a quick read, and although we don't spend much time with these characters, they are keep us interested and invested. The sex scenes? Hot. Very hot. Robert is ... let's just say yummy. If Kasie's attraction to him isn't as fully believable as it needs to be, we certainly can understand his for her. Dave? That's a whole other problem, one that will be addressed in Part II ...

And thank goodness their story continues.

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