Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shadow Valley

Shadow Valley
by Kate Sherwood
Published by Carina Press
122 pages
Genre: mystery, romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5 cupcakes

Poor Megan Archer. She succumbed to weakness and had an affair with the governor of Montana, but the word got out. So now she's been exiled to Shadow Valley, under the auspices of investigating why the town seems to turn a blind eye to its growing marijuana problem.

Lucky Megan Archer. When her car slips on ice and caroms down an embankment, she is submerged in the water, headed for certain death. Thanks to the incredibly hot and luscious Joe Cody, however, she is rescued.

Sort of.

Megan quickly realizes that her new job is nothing but a dead end. The locals may deal in the old Mary Jane, but surely there are bigger fish to fry. Like, say, meth dealers or something. But when it appears that the drug dealers are in collusion with members of the police department, Megan's job takes on a whole different sheen.

Meanwhile, there is Joe Cody. As in "member of the biggest pot dealing family in town" Joe Cody.

He and Megan instantly are drawn to each other, and this being a small town, their paths cross several times. After a particularly erotic interlude in the forest, Megan has some decisions to make. Does she believe in Joe, or does she believe the rumors? And if there is a leak in the police department, who is it?

This is a mystery and a romance, with a few bursts of hot headboard rocking. Joe is a walking fantasy, and when he shows an interest in Megan, you want to smack her in the back of the head and propel her into his arms. Fortunately in Joe's case, he's every bit as talented in the bedroom as he is in saving Megan's life.

Not that we get a whole lot of lovin', touchin' and squeezin', but what we do see leaves no doubt in our mind.

And, yes, it would have been nice to have a little more sexy times.

The story will keep you turning the pages. Is Joe innocent, or is he manipulating Megan? And who is causing trouble in the police department? What will happen to Joe and Megan?

This isn't a book that will set the world on fire, and you might find it a little forgettable after you finish it. But while you read it, you will enjoy every page. It's a good story with a hot hero.

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