Friday, September 21, 2012

Champagne: The Farewell

Champagne: The Farewell
by Janet Hubbard
Published by Poisoned Pen
250 pages
Genre: mystery; romance
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4 / 5 cupcakes

You know those days when you are in the mood to waste a few hours on something fun and frivolous? Sometimes, you just want - you need - to escape for a little bit into a book that asks no more from you than to simply read and enjoy.

That is Champagne: The Farewell.

Max Maguire is a lieutenant in the New York police force, and when her best friend Chloé invites Max to her French countryside wedding, Max packs up and heads to Europe. Shortly after arriving, she meets Oliviér, a judge, and the two instantly are drawn to each other. But just as the two start to enjoy their own version of a wedding dance, they get interrupted. Léa, Chloé's cousin, has been murdered. And thus begins the mystery portion of this mystery-romance.

Max and Oliviér set out to discover whodunit, albeit with neither terribly excited about working with the other. Max prefers to work alone, and Oliviér does not understand Max's propensity to use intuition when it comes to crime solving.

Our dynamic duo faces a host of prospective bad guys, both together and separately they interpret clues and identify the culprit. There are some red herrings, but if you pay attention, you will know who it is before they do.

The romance here is fairly tame, but it's sweet and fun. Max and Oliviér court each other, with her just as aggressive as he is. The sex scenes are very mild (almost too mild), which makes this book a fun, inoffensive choice.

Just like its namesake, this is a bubbly, intoxicating story with a romance and mystery that hooks you. Be warned, however: the characters drink a LOT of champagne, and you might find yourself craving some.

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